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  We do not breed puppies to make money, and our puppies are raised in the home.

Grandriver Kennels is continually involved in Conformation Shows to prove the dogs we breed. We actually put more into our dogs than what we get in return from puppy revenue, by almost two fold. And, our puppies are not necessarily more in cost compared to other breeders.

Because of selective breeding and to improve the breed, we breed on a limited basis with 1 litter per year of Quality Purebred Labrador Retrievers, bred from Champion Bloodlines only.

All puppies come with Canadian Kennel Club registration, pedigree, are dewormed, dew claws are removed, microchipped and have vaccinations.

This page was last updated: August 3, 2022


Black & Chocolate puppy litter born June 11, 2022

Ch. Grandriver's Let Me Fix Your Martini (Olive) was bred to Ch. Gofetch Beaumont Hamil (Beau).   These pups will be ready for homes August 6-7th weekend.  

All pups have fabulous homes to go to! 






Puppy/Dog Foster Program information:

Thinking about co-owning or fostering a female puppy/dog with a breeder??  Get informed before you commit!  Make sure you know ALL the risk factors.  Don't set yourself up to be a means for profit for irresponsible breeding.  Those that operate in this fashion are producing puppies from from dogs that are raised in "Pet Homes", only to return for maternal duties.  This creates a large profit margin for the breeder and a huge risk factor for the foster dog.   There are higher risks for females than males.   If you do decide to foster a dog, ask for at least half the revenue on sales of the puppies.  After all, you are the principle of the foster dog.   Know the facts first.

 Puppy info:

Regarding your concern on the price of a puppy - This question always arises, and as a reputable breed we do have to ask what concerns there would be about price? Most reputable purebred breeders charge anywhere between $1900 - $3000 for a Lab puppy as a family pet. The reason it would concern us is that in addition to the puppy's purchase price, the puppy's first year will cost anywhere from $2000-$2600, between vet bills including all vaccinations required, spaying/neutering, heartworm, training, toys, accessories, crate.....etc...etc. Are you prepared for the lifetime commitment to the proper care of the family dog you are looking for?

Of course people can go to the newspaper, puppy mill or local backyard breeder and claim they can get a purebred dog, without papers, no health clearances on the parents (for the perspective breed) to help reduce risk of genetic issues which still can happen with purebreds. Then again, the dog cannot be proven purebred, unless it has papers. And, what about the backyard breeder that has papers for the parents, that are not registerable for breeding purposes and also don't do health clearances? And are you actually visiting several breeders before making your decision. There should be nothing to hide, see all the environment of where all dogs/puppies live and are raised.

As mentioned on our home page, we do not produce puppies for revenue. Simone is a Registered Nurse and Paul owns and runs Pine Ridge Pet Centre (Boarding Kennel). Paul is on the property 99% of the time and is involved with the dogs on a regular daily basis. Although we only have 6-7 dogs on the premises, we do have FULL TIME Staff that work in our Boarding Kennel that assist in the daily care and needs of our dogs.

Following our review of your completed questionnaire/adoption application, if you are further interested, we do appreciate an appointment so you can see what we are about. If not, a telephone interview can be done. We are concerned about the limited pups we raise.

Click here to complete our Adoption Application

Thank you.

Puppies for companionship, show or the field. We only breed from stock that is certified hips/elbows and eyes clear. Domestic, Transborder and International Shipping Available.

We recommend and feed all our dogs ProPlan.


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